Student Exchange

I got to travel to Hamburg, Germany and live right in the city for three weeks. I went to school with my exchange sister at Sophie Barat Schule and immersed myself in the German culture ... I also got to bike around Berlin and ride horses at the family’s country home near the Baltic Sea. This was an unbelievable, life-changing experience ... my exchange sister, Maria, turned into a lifelong friend. Ava '19

As part of a worldwide network of Sacred Heart schools, qualified ASH students are able attend other schools in the United States and abroad on an exchange program. We encourage sophomores, in particular, to exchange within the network for a period of two to four weeks.

ASH students may apply for reciprocal exchanges and ASH families may offer to host a student from another school. The purpose of the exchange program is to allow students the opportunity to experience a Sacred Heart education from a different perspective, and in the case of an international exchange, for growth through the discovery of another culture. Students on exchange may live with another Sacred Heart family or board at a Sacred Heart boarding school. Since this is a reciprocal program, costs are minimal.

The program allows students to experience first-hand the breadth of a Sacred Heart education and is available to students who have demonstrated consistently sound academic performance and positive social behavior throughout her Sacred Heart experience. Recent international exchanges have included Dublin, Ireland; Madrid, Spain; and Rome, to name just a few.

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