Student Life, Overview

At the Academy of the Sacred Heart, school is about much more than academics. A Sacred Heart education provides exceptional life experiences, rooted in our Catholic identity and the Goals & Criteria.

In and beyond the classroom, students grow in body, mind and spirit. All Children of the Sacred Heart are encouraged to pray and reflect; serve those in need; express themselves through the visual and performing arts; step into leadership roles; and actively participate in the global Network of Sacred Heart Schools. At the same time, students learn strategies to strengthen their well-being, with the ultimate goal of finding both success and joy.

Our alums are leaders of conscience - men and women with integrity, confidence, self-understanding and commitment, who serve their families, workplaces and communities, both on a local and a global scale. In this section, you'll learn more about student life at the Academy of the Sacred Heart - a major component of the #ASHDifference that transforms our students into tomorrow's leaders of conscience.