Community Service

Community service and social action are integral to the life and mission of the Academy of the Sacred Heart. From the very youngest students to the inter-generational community in action days, the Sacred Heart community commits to building a world where equal opportunity is available to all. Every member of the Sacred Heart family is encouraged to make hands-on service a way of life.

Community service objectives and plans are visible at each level of the school, providing developmentally-appropriate ways for students to respond to the needs of the world. From participating in disaster relief efforts, to assisting those in need within the Network of Sacred Heart Schools, to providing Thanksgiving food baskets, students give from the heart to ease the burdens of others.

Students in the MSG performing community service.
KH students performing community service.
Upper School students at a community service placement.

The community service program is most visible in the middle schools and Upper School, where time is allotted during the instructional day for students to serve the educational, nutritional and social needs of children and adults in neighboring communities. Reflection, social analysis and commitment to changing lives through the actions of love are fundamental to the community service program.

Students are frequently recognized for their community service through local Youth Assistance programs, the Society of St. Vincent dePaul and the alumnae and alumni association.

Upper School students (and adults) may also participate in a monthly Saturday program at Focus:HOPE in conjunction with the young men from the University of Detroit Jesuit High School (continuous since 1989).