The Arts

Visual Arts

MSG Art Student working on a clay project.

Visual arts include art/design, clay and photography. Students experience the thinking, making, skill-developing aspects of the arts as well as their expressive qualities, seen in the context of individual life, and in the life of cultures, past and present. The emphasis of our art program is on the process of creation; beautiful examples are frequently on display in the Guinn Art Gallery located just outside the Chapel.

Performing Arts

Members of Advanced Band posing for a photo in the MSG hallway.

Performing arts such as creative movement, instrumental music, choir, forensics and theater are essential to the curriculum in every learning community. Christmas programs and concerts in each learning community provide all students with the experience of performing for large audiences. All music students play a key role in liturgies and prayer services.

The Eleventh Hour Theatre Company of the Upper School typically produces two plays per year, a drama in the fall and a musical in the spring. Depending on the play chosen, students from other learning communities may participate as well.

Both middle schools and the Upper School offer classes in instrumental and vocal music for both beginners and students with previous experience. Vocal students in Grades 6-12 participate in choral festival at the district and state levels. Enrichment activities are offered to supplement classroom instruction.