Luciana Jeler
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 En classe, sept. 2014

Classroom: 215

Professional Background

  • 1998: BA French
  • 1999: MA French Literature
  • 2004: M. Ed. Educational administration (France)
  • Teaching French since 1998
  • At ASH since 2007

Favorite Quote

On ne connaît que les choses qu'on apprivoise.  Qu'est-ce-qui signifie “apprivoiser” ?
C'est une chose trop oubliée (…)

Ça signifie « créer des liens ».               

(Le Petit Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

We only know the things that we tame. What does "tame" mean? Something that is frequently neglected (…)

It means "to create ties".    

(The Little Prince, by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

Educator's Profile

My teaching experience to date includes:
  • Since 2007, working as Upper School French teacher at the Academy of the Sacred Heart, Bloomfield Hills. Created curricula and taught levels 1 through 5 in a College Prep independent school.
  • Eight years teaching French in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. For sixyears, taught all levels of French in an academically strong high-school: Colegiul National Emil Racovita.
  • Non-formal education experiences focused on multicultural exchange, both in the US and in Europe.