Upper School

Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat, foundress of the Society of the Sacred Heart, envisioned Sacred Heart education to be an education serious in principles, strong in studies and rich in the spirit of love and life.  In a recent document, the philosophy of Sacred Heart education was described in this way:

"The Schools of the Sacred Heart in the United States, members of a world-wide network, offer an education that is marked by a distinctive spirit.  It is of the essence of a Sacred Heart School that it be deeply concerned for each student's total development; spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical.  It is of the essence of a Sacred Heart school that it emphasize serious study, that it educate to social responsibility and that it lay the foundations of a strong faith." (Preamble to the 1975 Goals and Criteria for Sacred Heart Schools in the United States)

A strong college preparatory curriculum with advanced placement courses, independent study opportunities, a supportive and personalized mentor relationship and exciting experiential programs form the structure of the Upper School experience at the Academy of the Sacred Heart.

Sacred Heart students learn to question, to speak out, to take risks. They develop intellectual curiosity, a discerning mind and spirit, integrity, a faith-filled approach to life and an active concern for others. Each of our graduates is prepared not just to succeed, but to take a place of leadership in a constantly evolving and challenging world.

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