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Honors Geometry

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Posted Wednesday 10/12/16 8:29 PM
Voluntary Reassessment
You may voluntarily reassess skills outside of class, by appointment. You may reassess no more than 2 skills in one appointment.
In order to apply to reassess, you need to send me an email that follows the form below by 3:30 PM three days before you want to come in. (You can copy and paste, and then fill in the blanks.) It is important that you work to improve before you reassess, so I want you to tell me what specific things you did in order to improve your abilities or understanding. 

Form Email - to be used to apply for reassessment:
Use this subject line: ___[Last name]___, Reassessment for Skills _________ & __________

Hi Mrs. Hamilton!
I hope you're having a lovely day! I was thinking that I would really like to reassess Skill _______ after school on ___[insert date]___.

The reasons I didn't do well on that skill are: 
[list reasons here]

Since I got the last assessment back, I have done the following specific things to make sure I understand the skill:
[list the different things you did to work on the skill. Be specific -- talk about who you worked with , what problems you worked on, etc.]

Here are some ways I think would be good for showing off what I understand now:
[Suggest some ways you'd like to show what you can do. For example: make up a problem and solve it, take a short quiz, teach me the concept, make a screencast, etc.]

{If you want to reassess a second skill, copy the above and fill it in for the next skill. Do each skill SEPARATELY, but in the same email.}

Thank you for the chance to reassess! 
The most devoted geometry student, 
[your name]
Posted Sunday 10/02/16 1:58 PM
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