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Classroom 208 / 209
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The classroom, as a place of learning, should be a safe place where individuals are eager to come together to intensively discuss topics brought to the table by students and teachers alike. The result must be learners and teachers working together to create independent critical thinkers, and the learning must start before each lesson. Questioning should drive the discussion that shares ideas, encourages hypothesis with scientific reasoning and support of answers through research. The learning should lead to new meanings in all their lives, and prepare them to be responsible decision makers, and global citizens that use values and logic to form judgment and plan their future.

Learning in the humanities is a lifelong process that blends gained knowledge, combinations of new learning, diversity and the acceptance that our many cultures make it difficult to arrive at a single right answer. In our changing world we must use more than one history to form our vision of the future. Using the social sciences and literature to make an in depth study of cultures different then our own, we gain a better grasp of what we value and a brighter hope for our future.