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Upper School Health 


Upper School Health Syllabus

Description of Course:

This is a sophomore-level health class.  Content areas that will be covered during this course are family life education, growth and development, personal, mental, and emotional health, nutritional health, prevention and control of disease and disorders, and substance use and abuse.  A desired outcome is that students obtain the information needed to make healthy decisions in the present and prevent unnecessary health problems in the future.

 Text Book:

A Wellness Way of Life 

Gwen Robbins, Debbie Powers and Sharon Burgess




Laptop computer


Homework will be generally be due at the BEGINNING of class the following day, unless told otherwise.  If you are absent the day of class and return the next, it is the responsibility of the student to find out what work has been missed.  This includes; missed quizzes, tests, assignments and in-class work.  Failure to do this may result in loss of credit or a grade of zero for the missed assignment.

 Quizzes and Tests:

Most quizzes and all tests will be announced in advance.  There may be a cumulative final examination for this course. If a quiz/test is missed due to an absence, it should be made-up the day of return.


The course grade in health is calculated on the basis of the number of points earned out of the total possible points available.  There are three general categories into which course work will fall:  Homework/Classwork, Quizzes and Tests/Presentations.  Their point values create a natural “weighting” system. 

Work is expected to be turned in on time and complete.  Late work will be accepted, with a loss of points. 

Classroom Expectations:

This class provides the opportunity for a quality educational experience, and it is the student’s responsibility to do the work required to the best of their ability.  Assignments are given in an effort to give students opportunities to master the course material and the learning results that are associated with it. Student’s will be marked down for late work and will be given a zero for missing work.  Extenuating circumstances will be addressed on an individual basis.