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Spanish 2

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Spanish 2


Instructor: Señora Saavedra


Text:    Aventuras.  Vista Higher Learning, Boston, Massachusetts

Teacher will provide handouts, which must be kept for reference in the Spanish binder.

Textbook web page:  



  • To learn oral and written communication skills using the appropriate grammar.
  • To build a better understanding of the Spanish culture.



Most of the class will be conducted in Spanish, but grammatical rules need to be explained in English.  Use of every day Spanish expressions will be required.  Some cultural videos or readings will be presented in English, requiring short comments in Spanish (written and oral).


Class Expectations:

Students are expected to be on time and prepared for class with all the needed materials: tablet, textbook, binder, pen and pencil, homework assignments, etc. No purses allowed in class. Teacher will advise on when and how to video and audio record.

I expect students to treat each other as they want to be treated, and to respect the classroom and the class materials. 

Homework must be turned in on time and in a clean and neat way.  Homework that is not ready on the due day or that is not properly presented can be turned in the next day for half the credit.  If not in the second day, the student will receive a zero for such assignment. For class attendance policy (absences and make-up work) see student handbook.

Active participation in class, good behavior, and a sincere effort to speak Spanish are required, and will determine the grade for citizenship.

Every Tuesday there will be a quiz on the material being covered (Verbs, vocabulary, etc).  Please see schedule.

There will be opportunities to work in groups.  All members of a group are expected to contribute to the assignment.


Grading:               24% Tests

                                12% Reports

                                 20% Quizzes (Announced and not announced)

                                 8% Conversation

                                 8% Homework/Classwork

 8% Citizenship (Being on time, staying on task, class participation, attention)

At the beginning of each marking period students are given 50 citizenship points; every time the class is interrupted by a student’s conversation or misbehavior, such student forfeits 5 citizenship points.

20% Final Exam or project




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