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Intermediate Robotics

Intermediate Robotics is a semester course that continues where the introductory course left off. More complex and advanced programming are learned as well as different types of robots are built. 

For the first part of Intermediate Robotics, the students follow a specific design for a robot then built it according to the page by page instructions already provided to them.  This robot is then programmed to do various tasks.

The students then design and build their own robot in any way they want, as long as it follows certain parameters and is able to complete specific tasks. This is a very challenging component for them, but at the same time extremely rewarding. Designing a working and functioning robot poses many problems and usually each group has to go back and forth with their design in order to make it function properly

Students devenlop good teamwork, communication and planning skills. Once the robots are all built the students will test them in a variety of tests and tasks. The critical thinking, persistence, creativity in this course is a valuable learning experience.