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Techniques in Academic Writing

Focus and Objectives:

Techniques in Academic Writing is a quarter class English elective designed to promote an understanding of the writing process in an academic environment and introduce you to different genres of academic writing: narrative, research persuasive/argumentative, compare/ contrast, literary analysis, poetry, and resume. We will explore methods and strategies that will help further develop your writing skills.

In addition to writing essays, activities in this class will include annotating, analyzing, interpreting, and responding to a variety of texts including short stories, journal articles, and your peers’ writing. You will also acquire a solid understanding that writing is a recursive process, which means it takes several rounds of drafting and editing before you reach a final product. You will also practice finding and evaluating online resources, which is critical in this age of instant information via the internet.

By the end of the quarter you should be better able to engage more critically with various texts, construct arguments supported by credible evidence, integrate your ideas with those of another writer, develop knowledge of the four genres of writing in terms of structure, tone, and mechanics, critique your own and your peers’ work, understand the writing process is collaborative and recursive, and enhance rhetorical strategies to develop a style of your own.