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Humanities I - Western Humanities

Credits: (1) English & (1) History Credit Earned

A survey of literature, history, cultures, and art that traces the foundations of modern western culture (1450 to present). Western Humanities is taught as a parallel course between the English and History Departments. Topics such as philosophy, art, music, religion, human development, and the interrelationship of these themes to contemporary society are examined.


  • To know the political and physical geography of the western world
  • To study the chief economic, political, religious, social, and cultural contributions of civilizations as they influenced western development
  • To understand, appreciate, and respect other cultures
  • To acquire the essential skills needed to succeed in the future: research, critical thinking, note taking, analyzing data and sources, and interpretation
  • To develop and employ essential essay and analytical writing skills
  • To compare and contrast ideas in different places, time periods, and cultures, and examine the      interrelationships between ideas, change and conflict
  • To develop a clear understanding of historical impact on literary writings


  • To develop a foundation for students’ analytical, communication, research, writing, and questioning skills