Multiple Child Tuition Discount

A $1,000 tuition discount will be offered to those families who have more than one full-time student in the school.

Because we believe that the experience of the Academy of the Sacred Heart is maximized when the entire family is given the opportunity to know the difference a Sacred Heart education makes in the life of a child, we want to extend our resources to provide this opportunity for all children in a family. We believe in the power of family and make this investment in the lives of families in the hope that we may continue building our community now and in the future.

This $1,000 tuition discount will be offered for the second (and each additional) full-time student in the same family living in the same household. In lieu of a tuition discount, a family may choose to designate this offer to any of the operating charitable funds at the Academy of the Sacred Heart with appropriate recognition for this gift. This tuition discount must be renewed annually and is subject to all requirements for admission/re-enrollment.  

Elements of Program

  • Eligible students must be full-time (Infant/Toddler Program, Preschool and Primary School students must be scheduled for five full days/week)
  • Applied to families with two full-time children or more
  • Children must live in the same household; must be siblings, half-siblings or step-siblings to qualify
  • Family may still be eligible for tuition assistance
  • Reduced tuition amount is applied to the cost of tuition for the youngest child in the family
  • Subject to IRS reporting requirements

The Multiple Child Tuition Discount is based on the full tuition amount and will be reflected on the first billing statement sent by the Academy of the Sacred Heart. If a family chooses to designate this offering for use in one of the operating charitable funds at the Academy of the Sacred Heart, this gift opportunity will be available on the same billing statement.