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Grade 7/8 Language Arts

In Language Arts, students will be focused on developing their skills as readers, writers, and critical thinkers. The year began with a book trailer assignment connected to a summer reading book. Next. students studied William Shakespeare and his comedy, "A Midsummer Night's Dream." The research paper focuses on the Olympic Games. In the last quarter, students will study a class novel together.  

Students: You can find research paper resources here. 

For useful information about adding citations and making other revisions as you work toward a final copy, you may review the Power Point from class here. 

First Draft Guidelines - You can review the guidelines and expectations for the first draft here. First drafts are due Tuesday 3/11 for Stuarts, and Wednesday 3/12 for Duchesnes and Barats.

Tips for Quotations - This page will help you incorporate quotations into your research paper.

Sample Outline - On this sample outline, you'll see what I'm looking for in the outline you create. Make a plan for yourself that tells you what to include in each part of your paper. Please keep yours in note form, and avoid putting all the notes you've taken in it.  Outlines were due 2/24 for Stuarts, 2/25 for Duchesnes, and 2/26 for Barats.

Sample List of Sources - Lists of sources were due Wednesday 2/19 for Stuarts and Duchesnes, and Thursday 2/20 for Barats.