ASH Booster Club

All great athletic teams need the reinforcement of a great, dedicated fan base. Our parents are our finest fans. The ASH Booster Club is a voluntary organization of parents whose purpose is to support and strengthen the athletic programs at the Academy of the Sacred Heart. Meeting five times per year, parents gather to discuss immediate needs and long-term plans of the athletic program. All members of the Sacred Heart community are invited to participate in the ASH Booster Club, whether by attending a meeting or by working at a function. For additional information, or to volunteer at athletic events, please contact Sal Malek at


Booster Membership

$100 Per Family

Thank you to the ASH families who have joined the ASH Booster Club. We appreciate your membership.

Allen FamilyKakos Family
Antakli FamilyKejbou Family
Arrowood FamilyKiefer Family
Barrett FamilyKnight Family
Betrus FamilyKrizanic Family
Carroll FamilyKucy Family
Cavaliere-Bardha FamilyKunz Family
Chae FamilyLang Family
Chawla FamilyMcHugh Family
Coyne FamilyMcNally Family
DeMartinis FamilyMonahan Family
Dimond FamilyMoran Family
Doman FamilyNafso Family
Donoghue FamilyNeis Family
Emmi FamilyReynolds Family
Etterbeek FamilySchowalter Family
Farner FamilySchreiber Family
Filak-Petrozzi FamilySchwartz Family
Fite FamilySeitz Family
Gassman FamilyShahnazary Family
K. George FamilySheena Family
Graham-Recchia FamilyStevens Family
Guerrieri FamilyStraffon Family
Hardenburgh FamilySutter Family
Henderson FamilySzydlowski Family
Horcoff FamilyThewes Family
Hubacker FamilyToma Family
Hudson FamilyVettraino-Kobold Family
Jacobs FamilyWhite Family
Marc Jonna FamilyWilshaw Family
Matthew Jonna FamilyWudyka Family
Juzych Family