2017-2018 School Year


Early Childhood Program, infants - Preschool $15,675*
Primary School, Pre-K, K and Grade 1 $16,300
Lower School, Grades 2-4 $17,500
Kensington Hall, Grades 5-8 $18,700
Middle School for Girls, Grades 5-8 $18,700
Upper School, Grades 9-12 $19,900

*Based on a full-time schedule for an academic year. Part-time schedules are available.



Student Activities Fee
Primary School
Lower School
Upper School

Technology Fee
Primary School
Lower School
Upper School

Graduation Fee
KH Grade 8
US Grade 12 
Tuition Refund Plan
Preschool-Grade 12


**Project Term for Upper School students and laptop costs represent additional fees.


Early Payment Discounts

    • Full pay by Monday, February 27, 2017 - $600 discount
    • Full pay by Friday, March 24, 2017 - $400 discount
    • Full pay by Tuesday, April 25, 2017 - $200 discount
Please note that the discounts listed above are not applicable to students receiving tuition remission, tuition assistance or scholarships, and do not apply to children enrolled in the infant/toddler program. 
The Academy of the Sacred Heart reservation agreement states: "If enrollment is cancelled after May 1, parents or guardians financially responsible for students are obligated to pay full tuition charges.” 


For more information about tuition, please contact the admissions department at or call 248.646.8900.

Did You Know?

ASH students perform more than 300 hours of community service each week.