Centers of Learning

Personalized education is key to the Primary School experience. Students become agents of their own learning by navigating 10 unique centers that integrate all curricular areas. Children develop leadership skills through collaboration in the multi-age setting, while also benefiting from numerous teacher-directed and self-directed opportunities for learning at the level appropriate to the individual child.


Students work one-on-one with their teacher using hands-on, math-based materials and games for the development of numeration, computation and thinking skills.

Language Arts

In addition to a wide variety of books, audio books and language arts games focusing on the alphabet, phonics and pre-reading skills, students work one-on-one with their teacher on activities such as reading, journaling, story dictation, and publishing their own books.

Creative Play

Students develop strong academic, fine motor, and social skills while exploring this play-based environment. Opportunities include block building, clay, dramatic play, puzzles and critical thinking games.


Employs an inquiry-based approach to a thematic study of science. Examples include outdoor access to woods and nature trail, simple experiments that introduce students to the Scientific Method, and the study of life, physical and earth science. MakerSpace and STEM experiences are part of the science curriculum.


Students use laptops and iPads to learn basic computer skills. Teachers integrate technology into all curricular areas to enhance student learning.


Students have daily experiences with clay, paint, dry media, and independent construction of materials. The art program emphasizes creating, perceiving and reflecting. In addition to being a daily “choice,” art is integrated into all of the academic areas.

Music and Movement

Students experience the Orff-Schulwerk philosophy of music instruction. Students use percussion instruments and movement activities to learn about rhythm and beats. Students demonstrate their acquired skills in their Christmas, On Stage, and Prize Day performances.

Daily Physical Education

Students have daily opportunities to develop their gross motor skills through activities that promote spatial awareness, cardiovascular fitness, strength and flexibility, and body control.

World Languages: French & Spanish

French is offered three times a week. Students learn vocabulary, practicing speaking and experience elements of the French culture. Students are also introduced to Spanish throughout the school year during M.I.N.I.s (Minds Investigating New Ideas).

Social Studies

The social studies curriculum follows a three-year cycle of themes, including America, Children Around the World, and Occupations. Other topics also include self-awareness, manners, feelings, and map study. Students enjoy the weekly topical presentations by their teachers, peers, and other guest speakers, along with project-based activities that reinforce the concepts learned.

Christian Formation

Students participate in daily prayer as well as liturgies and prayer services throughout the year. Religion classes include stories from the Old and New Testaments, celebrations of religious holidays, and introductions to the Goals & Criteria of Sacred Heart education.