Designed to build on the program of the Lower School while preparing students for more demanding college preparatory work in the Upper School, the curriculum of the Middle School for Girls emphasizes faith-based instruction and strong academics supported by the arts, athletics and experientials.

The all-female environment provides a balance of rigorous academics with exploratory experiences, including ongoing opportunities for risk-taking, leadership, building self-confidence through achievement, and moral development. The MSG provides many middle-level opportunities for students to explore their own talents, skill and style of learning. Life-long study skills, proficiency in public speaking, writing, critical thinking and problem solving are emphasized. Learn more by exploring the list below.

Areas of Study


Adaptive Daily Schedule

The schedule is based upon a six-day rotation with blocks ranging from 45-100 minutes. Block scheduling uses substantial time periods for in-depth learning experiences and the real-life integration of various subject areas around specific themes. A 35-minute activity period is scheduled mid-morning. This is a time for students to have a snack, enjoy recess or "take care of business." Building in this additional time allows for greater flexibility when creating special schedules, such as those created by liturgies or family color group activities.

Mobile Technology

The middle school one-to-one mobile technology program strives to prepare students for the 21st century demands of education. Launched in the fall of 2014, each student has a mobile computing device, allowing for a collaborative learning environment that promotes communication, emphasizes critical thinking and fosters creativity. The students of today are immersed in a world of technology, and the girls are prepared with learning that endorses conscientious risk-taking, curiosity, self-direction and choice, which genuinely complement the Goals and Criteria.

Student-Led Conferences

Students are empower to play a significant role in their learning. Student-Led Conferences take place twice each year. The conferences allow students to demonstrate to parents what they have learned in their classes, identify strengths and challenges, showcase their evidence of growth, and talk about short-term goals. The skills they acquire through student-led conferences promote life-long skills such as communication, building self-confidence, accountability for actions, self-evaluation by identifying strengths and challenges, and goal setting.

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