Student Programs

Service Projects

Students have various opportunities to perform service throughout the year, such as creating placemats and napkin holders for a retirement community or making fleece blankets for a homeless shelter. Frequently, service activities are integrated with discussions of a particular season or event (i.e., Thanksgiving or Advent). Students also serve those within the Sacred Heart community, acting as "Safeties," decorating the halls for the holidays and making treats for office and maintenance staff.

One example is the Hip-Hop-Along, a fundraiser benefitting those in need within the Network of Sacred Heart schools. This event highlights the physical education curriculum, allowing students to use a variety of gross motor, jumping skills as they participate in games and utilize a variety of fitness equipment.


Christmas Performance: Students perform, through voice and creative movement, a full production, including an Orff orchestra pit.

Grade-Level Performances: Incorporating playing instruments, singing, movement and public speaking, these themed performances are integrated with other curriculum and take place throughout the year.

Mater Play: Second Grade students re-enact the creation of the miraculous fresco of Mater Admirabilis.

Liturgies: The students have numerous opportunities to hone their speaking and music skills during liturgies. The students deliver readings, intentions and reflections in front of large groups in the Chapel or Field House. They also participate in singing and instrument solos as well as choir or group opportunities.

Project Presentations: Throughout their Lower School experience, students create many projects which also have an element of public speaking. Some examples include presenting information about careers, sharing their invention during the annual Invention Convection, and talking about knowledge learned from their Rock Creations.

Class Trips

All students participate in field trips based on their class/curriculum. Of special interest is the fourth grade overnight to our Sacred Heart school in Chicago on Sheridan Road. Students visit Shedd Aquarium, Navy Pier, the Willis Towers and meet their pen pals. Faculty keep in touch with parents and shared experiences using Twitter. Click here to see their tweets.

In Grade 3, students participate in a class retreat at the Solanus Casey Center in Detroit.

In Grade 2, students attend a performance of the Warren Symphony Orchestra after intensive study of instruments. Second grade students also see older students perform to explore where music can take them.

In addition, special speakers and presentations are scheduled on campus to complement the curriculum.