Student Programs

Activities in Kensington Hall expand the educational experience of our students and provide an active platform for addressing spirituality, parent relations, social relations, high school choices, academic enrichment, etc. Activities include both interscholastic and intramural athletics, student government, an annual Father/Son weekend at camp, monthly liturgies, class trips to Washington, D.C. and Space Camp, band concerts, retreats, field trips, community service, guest speakers and various religious and holiday activities throughout the year. Explore the list below to learn more about Kensington Hall's student programs.

Students playing a math game.

Advisory - Student Leadership

Advisory groups are intentionally organized to reinforce a student’s sense of belonging to the school community. This period of the day is a time when students have meaningful relationships with adults within the school, are engaged in the community of learners, and feel a sense of belonging to the Kensington Hall community. Students have a hand in building a safe and welcoming environment in which each person is valued, cared for and respected. Advisors consciously help students in their advisories work out issues among themselves, and they talk openly about the importance of treating each other with respect and dignity.

Students are encouraged to take leadership roles in service to the wider student community. Student leaders are expected to set a standard of behavior and character that their peers can respect and model. Student leaders serve as tour guides for admissions events, lead orientation and organize class events.


Kensington Hall maintains a competitive interscholastic sports program of soccer and cross country in the fall, basketball in the winter and lacrosse and golf in the spring. We offer these sports because they provide opportunities to all of the boys regardless of age, ability or background, and because they offer a chance to build camaraderie. This program complements an active and ongoing intramural program. The athletic department employs a no-cut policy, so everyone who tries out for a team makes that team. Our team name is The Knights, and our colors are blue and gold.

Class Trips

In the spring, each class takes a unique trip. Past trips have included Washington, D.C. for the eighth grade, Michigan's Upper Peninsula and Space Camp for the seventh grade, an outdoor education camp for the sixth grade, and a Spring Sojourn spent exploring the mysteries and historic landmarks that make Detroit unique, for the fifth grade. Also, Father/Son Weekend is a very popular annual event that kicks off each school year. Fathers and sons travel to Camp Westminster (on Higgins Lake) for a weekend of campfires, rock walls, high ropes, swimming, canoeing, ghost stories and all-around fun.

Experiential Learning

While all classes share aspects of experiential learning, time is set aside weekly for specific experiential learning programming. During these exciting classes, students discover subject matter and life skills first-hand. The various modules expand knowledge of everyday life, explore hobbies and personal interests, teach new skills, and often change attitudes and points of view. Educators share their knowledge of subject matter gained through personal interest and life experience. Experiential learning is a partnership between educator and student that helps develop and strengthen our school culture.

High School Counseling

Two of the things that make middle school difficult for children, along with the apparent physical transformations that they are undergoing during this time, are the transitions at the beginning and end of the middle school years. It is difficult for children to move from fourth grade to fifth grade and into a new school with new teachers, rules, surroundings, etc. We make every effort to help ease this transition into middle school. Our small size, orientation and personal contact help to make this a time where students learn to trust the adults and other students around them. Similarly, we do everything possible to help students with the transition to high school after eighth grade. The school offers test prep sessions to prepare the boys for the High School Placement Test that the Catholic high schools in the area use for placement. High school shadow visits are encouraged, and information concerning high school open houses and special events is frequently disseminated. Discussions are often held in Advisory and Morning Meeting concerning these topics.

Spiritual Life

Kensington Hall educates students to a personal and active faith in God. Faith formation, intentionality, respect for self and others, and making good choices define our school mission.

The religion curriculum includes the study of heroes of the Old Testament, the life of Jesus, the Sacraments, Christian morality, Church history and world religions. Students learn that faith is as much about sharing as praying.

Kensington Hall gathers for Liturgy at least once a month during the school year. Often, this is in coordination with the rest of the Sacred Heart community. On a weekly basis, students participate in a KH prayer service. These services are usually student-led and planned by KH students. Throughout the liturgical year, special days and seasons such as Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter are all observed and celebrated.