Both the structure of the academic program and the classes that are taught were carefully researched to provide boys with what they need to succeed during these developmental years. In keeping with the Goals & Criteria, religion classes, retreats, liturgies and an active service program set the cornerstone of the curriculum. Other highlights include block/integrated classes for language arts and social studies, a technology program that is integrated into every class, an advisory program, an experiential program, the use of planners, a fine arts and music program for all students, daily physical education classes, interscholastic sports, and an integrated mathematics program.

KH Students working during class time.

Block Classes / Integrated Curriculum

KH students begin their school day at 7:45, and by 9:25, all students have had both math and physical education. During math, students are placed in cross-age groups based on individual performance and assessment. The daily P.E. classes build proficiency in a variety of athletic activities, promoting a lifelong commitment to fitness. Language arts/social studies classes also meet daily and are taught in a block style. Research has shown that integrating classes helps students to make connections between subjects, creating a more meaningful learning experience. The longer block classes allow teachers to go deeper into a topic on any given day, rather than needing to spread lessons out over several days.

Health, Latin, music, technology, visual arts and an experiential learning program rotate on a six-day schedule in the afternoon. Each day concludes with a planner period for everyone.

Mobile Technology Program

The middle school one-to-one mobile technology program strives to prepare students for the 21st century demands of education. Launched in the fall of 2014, each student has a mobile computing device, allowing for a collaborative learning environment that promotes communication, emphasizes critical thinking and fosters creativity. The students of today are immersed in a world of technology, and we prepare our boys with learning that endorses conscientious risk-taking, curiosity, self-direction and choice, which genuinely complement the Goals and Criteria.