Kensington Hall

The Academy of the Sacred Heart’s middle school for boys, Kensington Hall (KH), was founded in 2002 to address the specific and unique needs of boys in the “middle” years in a way that only a Sacred Heart education can. The Goals & Criteria provide the framework and mission for our spiritual, intellectual and social program. Employing a research-based “middle school philosophy” (as opposed to a traditional “junior high philosophy”) with an emphasis on best practices, KH views these years as critical and formative in each student’s development.

Through professional development, the faculty and staff stay current on effective teaching methods. This research is actively discussed and is readily apparent in offerings such as block scheduling, daily physical education and Latin classes. The students and faculty also participate in a one-to-one mobile learning program. This technology program promotes problem-solving and communication skills, while emphasizing critical thinking and fostering creativity.

Small class sizes mean that each child receives the personal attention that he needs. Teachers know all of their students in a way that would be impossible in the larger environments that have become commonplace in middle schools across the country. The faculty and staff are also well aware of the difficulty parents experience during these years, therefore parent education and communication is a critical aspect of a KH education. Kensington Hall strives to provide a disciplined atmosphere in which to learn, while still providing a safe place to make mistakes. Character development is stressed on a daily basis.

The school’s proximity to the Middle School for Girls also allows a unique opportunity to safely guide the social development of both the boys and the girls.

KH Students

Kensington Hall
Leaders & Staff

Damian Hermann
KH Director
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Kim Davidson
Lead Teacher
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Lisa Cuckovich
Admin. Assistant
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School Hours

7:45 a.m. - 3:10 p.m., Monday - Friday