Infant Room

In the Infant Room, children under 1 year old benefit from rich, individual experiences that develop core strength, visual acuity and sensory integration. Infants eat and sleep on demand, with a schedule that develops as the children do. As the infant grows, music and art opportunities are provided as appropriate.

Two infants in ball pit.

Toddler Rooms

Children from approximately 12 to 30 months old are candidates for the Toddler Rooms. Here, schedules become more refined; children eat every two hours and generally sleep at the same time. The toddler is encouraged to join in group activities, and music, finger plays and art projects are introduced. Potty training may begin as the child is ready.

ECP Students - Toddlers

Preschool Program

Children who turn 2 1/2 before September 1 and are potty-trained are eligible to participate in the Preschool's developmental program. Daily activities such as large group, small group, choice time and teacher-directed activities help our young students build relationships, self-respect and an enthusiasm for learning - all while having fun. Using a strong foundation of learning by doing, the Preschool encourages each child to explore and discover using a variety of techniques, such as creating, patterning, sequencing and collaborating. Conflict resolution, religion and service are also integral to the Preschool program.

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