Early Childhood Program

The Early Childhood Program provides a caring, year-round learning environment for children from birth through Preschool. This flexible, developmental program allows children to explore and build self-confidence through play.

Early childhood educators create a caring, secure atmosphere with myriad opportunities to stimulate the brain during its most active state of development, building a foundation for future academic and social success.

Age-appropriate activities are designed for, and specific to, the needs of each child, with weekly themes woven into the structure of the day. Children listen to and make music, create art, visit the library, learn finger plays, discuss religion, play in the sand, listen to stories and poems, and become aware of the world around them. Children play outdoors (weather permitting) twice a day or in one of our large gyms.


Community & Resources

Children also benefit from opportunities to participate in the larger Academy of the Sacred Heart community. The interaction between the older and younger children, both within the Early Childhood Program and throughout the school, allows younger children to strive and learn from the older children, who in turn can model behaviors and share their knowledge with the younger students.

The Early Childhood Program has access to the many resources of the Academy of the Sacred Heart as well. The 28-acre campus includes a nature center, play structures, a multi-sport Field House, media center and chapel in addition to the instructional areas. The dedicated faculty is supported by a professional staff that includes a school nurse and counselors. Daily, we provide a morning and afternoon snack and parents can either pack lunches or purchase from our hot lunch program.


ECP Students

ECP Leaders

Kristen Miller
ECP Director
248-646-8900 x441

School Hours

7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m., Monday - Friday

In Admissions

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