Micheline Wentworth Global Scholars Program

Picture of Micheline Wentworth

Micheline Wentworth (1947 – 2013), a faculty member of the Academy of the Sacred Heart for more than 15 years, established the Global Scholars Program to inspire both faculty and students to “think outside the box” about ways to increase their global awareness. As a teacher, she would be the first to applaud a colleague’s creativity and novel approach to classroom instruction. She delighted in offering her own students opportunities to experience language and culture firsthand, expanding both their world view and appreciation of diversity. For Micheline, the textbook was simply the “invitation” to step beyond the classroom into the global village we call “home”.

Today, through Micheline’s generosity, Sacred Heart faculty and Upper School students can stretch themselves and explore “new” worlds by designing projects and submitting applications to become this year’s Micheline Wentworth Global Scholars. While they will benefit personally from their experience, our entire community will be richer as they share their discoveries and personal learning.

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Updated March 2023

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