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Midnight in Paris


Pictured: Stephanie Chaczyk '07, Bess Quick '10 and Allisen Willhoft '05 


Not even a blizzard can stop Sacred Heart families! The night of the benefit was a testament to the strength of our community and the importance of the mission of Sacred Heart education, with over 200 guests gathered in support of the #ASHDifference at the Detroit Athletic Club. From start to finish, the Midnight in Paris Benefit Gala and auction held on Friday, February 9 was a truly magical (and successful!) event. Thanks to all in attendance, Heart of Gold Award recipient Sister Bridget Bearss, and of course, event chairs Tom and Karen Hartle. See the Facebook photo gallery for highlights of the evening!


Intraco & Antakli Family
Penske Corporation
The Huntington Company
HMS Manufacturing

Marsh Construction

Detroit Flex Defense

Baldwin House

Saturn Ceramic Coating
Szott Auto/DealsInTheD.com
The Mars Agency & Rivenburgh Family

Teola Lutsker

Project Term Memories - California Dreaming

By Isabella Shaya '11

Project Term is an exciting time for all students, especially with the new trips and experiences planned each yearMary Elizabeth Swider-Spresser '75 went on a Project Term her senior year unlike any other, which also happened to be the first year Project Term was offered at ASH.

When the idea of Project Term was first introduced to students in 1975, everyone was talking about it, Swider-Spresser said. "Everyone who had friends who didn't go to Sacred Heart couldn't believe we could do that. It was very forward-thinking at that time."

The format was much the same as it is today: there were several projects that were presented to the students to choose from, or the girls could come up with a project of their own. "The concept captured all of our imaginations as we fueled each other's 'what if ... ' We were given the personal ability to design an experience in order to satisfy our curiosity about a person, place or issue, and share our experiences with each other," Swider-Spresser said.

Swider-Spresser decided to forgo the school-sponsored experiences and create her own Project Term. She had an interest in entertainment journalism, so she wanted to create an independent study with a focus in that field. Her curiosity would lead her to California, where she got to interview two major celebrities.

Swider-Spresser was fascinated with the 1974 movie "The Dove" that was based on the real-life story of a 16-year-old who sailed around the world and found true love. The star of that movie, actor Joseph Bottoms, at that time had just won the Best New Actor Golden Globe. She wanted to interview Bottoms for her Project Term, but she had to get in touch with him first to explain what Project Term was. "I had seen some articles that mentioned he was from Santa Barbara, so I just called information and found a Bottoms, and there were a handful in Santa Barbara, and I called until I got him. He shockingly agreed! He was so nice about it."


The second interview she wanted to do was with Dinah Shore, a singer-actress who hosted a daytime talk show at the time called "Dinah!" There were only a few major daytime talk shows at that time, so landing an interview with her would be difficult. Swider-Spresser again called around until she got Shore's publicist, with whom she pled her case as to why she should get an interview. She eventually got in touch with Shore's manager, who agreed to allow Swider-Spresser to come to Shore's show and interview her backstage.


Once Swider-Spresser had landed the interviews with both celebrities, she got approval from the school, and flew out to California with her aunt for a week-long adventure. The interview with Joseph Bottoms was at his family's ranch in Santa Barbara, California. Swider-Spresser said the interview was very informal and they talked mostly about sailing (which was a large part of the movie "The Dove"), and his love of travel (which Swider-Spresser shared a passion for). Her interview with Shore was more formal, but equally as exciting.

After returning to school, her reflection on Project Term consisted of writing up stories based on each of her interviews. Swider-Spresser's passion to learn and travel started with her ASH Project Term experience. She was later among the first students to enter mainland China while on a study abroad trip called Semester at Sea. "If you don't travel you just don't know about other people. You don't have a reference to care or empathize with other people; it is all just words or pictures until you are in those environments," she said.

Swider-Spresser did not end up pursuing a career in journalism, but instead worked in advertising, producing commercials for companies such as Cadillac. In her job, she was able to continue her passion for travelling. Today, students still can develop their own Project Term experience as Swider-Spresser did, but her trip to California is something that could never be recreated, as all Project Term experiences are meant to be. "[Project Term] was about you being in your community and learning about that, and participating and sharing. In those ways it [is] consistent with the Sacred Heart spirit."



Take Me Out to the Ball Game


On Monday, April 30, the Detroit Tigers and the Catholic High School League have invited Catholic schools in the Archdiocese to show their school spirit at Comerica Park. By purchasing a $20 ticket, fans will receive a ticket to the game, an exclusive Detroit Tigers/CHSL/ASH ball cap and a donation made back to the CHSL. The Tigers are playing the Tampa Bay Rays at 7:10 p.m. 

We would like to fill the section with Sacred Heart students, parents, alums and friends, wearing spirit wear and the special ball cap. Our Athletic Director, Mr. Malek, is coordinating the ticket purchase. Please direct purchases and questions to his attention; checks should be payable to "ASH." Tickets must be purchased by April 16 in order to secure the ball cap and the special section seating.

Better Than Dust


Last spring, Kate Donoghue '18 was approached by her Honors Literature teacher about collaborating on a book of poems. He is a published author and writes under the pen name Gabriel Briggs. Art and writing are Kate's passions, so this project was right in her wheelhouse. The book is a collection of poems about life at Sacred Heart. Kate was given complete creative control over this project. She selected and edited her teacher's poems, created two poems of her own, and created nine pieces of art for the book, including the cover. Today, their book of poems is available for purchase on Amazon. The money raised from the book sales will go to a cause determined by Kate's Diversity SCG group at ASH.

Save the Date - The Performing Arts Road Rally is May 11

Since 2003, members of the ASH community have supported the Upper School Performing Arts Department while have a rockin' good time, racing around town during the annual Road Rally! Originally designed as a fundraiser, it has become a community-builder that people both look forward to and, depending on how competitive team members are, dread at the same time. 


For three hours, teams figure out clues, solve puzzles and drive from place to place in a race to be the first car to arrive at the final destination and win fabulous monetary prizes and possibly the honor of hosting the next year's Rally. Click here for a peek inside this fun tradition.


A good time is had by all and it's a fun way to support a great cause!  Click here for more details about this year's Road Rally and plan to join in on May 11.


Alum Profile: Honorable Alexis Krot '96

By Isabella Shaya '11


The Honorable Alexis G. Krot '96 is just one of many alumni using her Sacred Heart education to be a strong, female leader in the community. Judge Krot was appointed to Hamtramck's 31st District Court in August 2016. "On August 4, 2016, Governor Snyder called me and said he had some good news for me that would change my life and he was right!" she said.


Judge Krot received her Bachelor of Science in management from Tulane University, Juris Doctor from Loyola University, and Master of Business Administration from University of Detroit Mercy.


In law school, Krot said she thought she wanted to practice corporate law for a large company, but once she started working in that field, she realized her true aspiration was to be a judge. She then worked as the assistant city attorney and magistrate for Hamtramck before taking on her current role. "My family is active in the Hamtramck community and has been since the 1930s, so I moved to Hamtramck with the plan of eventually running for judge at our court," Judge Krot said.


As the only judge on the bench in Hamtramck, Judge Krot stays very busy, hearing all types of cases: traffic citations, misdemeanors, property issues, landlord/tenant, general civil, and felonies. "I'm grateful my husband is really understanding about my job duties and doesn't get upset when the police wake us up at 3:30 a.m. for a search warrant!" she said.


Judge Krot really enjoys all aspects of her job, including living in the community that she serves. "I enjoy interacting with people—our staff here at the court, the lawyers that practice here and the litigants that appear," she said.


In her role as judge, Krot embodies Goal 3: social awareness which impels to action. "It is crucial that each person I see is evaluated individually and I'm cognizant of his or her own resources and circumstances," she said.


Additionally, Goal 4's community building is relevant in her day-to-day life because "community building and understanding our particular community is key to being a fair judge," she said. Judge Krot has fostered the adoption of two online programs (and two more to come this month) to help the court connect with community members who are intimidated by coming to court.


In addition to serving Hamtramck residents, Judge Krot stays very active in the Sacred Heart community. She currently serves on the ASH Board of Trustees and is on the head of school search committee as a representative of the alumni and Board of Trustees.


Krot will never forget some of her favorite memories at ASH, which include Project Term stories and building strong friendships that she keeps to this day. "I'm so grateful my parents wisely chose the Academy of the Sacred Heart for me. Sacred Heart encourages independent, strong willed, critical thinkers and I'd like to think I'm in that category," Judge Krot said.

Aimee Griffin Vagts '00


Aimee Griffin Vagts '00,  Dave Vagts and Griffin (age 3) welcomed Penélope Marie to the world on the morning of January 23.

Celeste Laramie Burris '02

Celeste Laramie Burris '02 and Nate Burris welcomed their second child, Josephine Eloise, into the world on February 4.

Sarah Watkins Fabian '04


Sarah Watkins Fabian '04 is in her second year of teaching in the Department of Communication, Media, and Theatre at Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU) as a tenure-track Assistant Professor of Theatre. Beginning this past July, she was named the new Managing Artistic Director of NEIU's Stage Center Theatre, and is looking forward to shaping the future of the theatre for her students. Sarah remains an active freelance scenic designer in Chicago.

This and That...


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In Memoriam

Condolences to:

  • Jack Brinkman on the loss of his wife JoAnn Greene Brinkman '48. JoAnn was a mother of 7, and grandmother of 16 grandchildren.
  • Carolyn Furlong Ng '97 on the passing of her mother, Dorothy Furlong.
  • Dominic Moceri KH'06, Frances Moceri '12, and Natalie Moceri '15 on the death of their grandfather, Dominic Moceri.
  • Ryan Roney '96 and Cameron Roney Hesson '01 on the death of their grandfather, William Roney Jr.

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