Tuition Assistance

The Academy of the Sacred Heart believes that any qualified student should not refrain from applying for admissions solely because of tuition assistance consideration. Approximately 35% of the Academy’s student body receives tuition assistance. To the extent that our funds permit, tuition assistance is available to deserving students, beginning in Primary School, whose parents are able to establish financial need.

How to Apply

Screencap of Blackbaud Financial Aid Welcome Screen

In order for us to allocate our resources wisely and fairly, we have enlisted the help of Blackbaud's Financial Aid Management (FAM, formerly known as Smart Aid). FAM does not decide whether tuition assistance will be given or how much to give; rather FAM provides a need-based tuition assistance analysis service. FAM provides the school with a report, which includes a recommendation of what a family should reasonably contribute toward tuition. All information from FAM is held in strict confidence by Academy of the Sacred Heart. Applications are reviewed by the Tuition Assistance Committee, which recommends allocation of tuition assistance resources for the next year. Please contact the Finance Team at with questions.

Steps and Items to Note

  1. Access Blackbaud's FAM website
  2. Once there, click "Create account" as a new user or enter your existing credentials if you have applied in the past. (Your computer might not remember your username and password from last year because of the service's name change from Smart Aid to Financial Aid Management.)
  3. Even if you are applying for assistance for more than one student, your family only completes one application.
  4. Listing Dependents:
    • Students in our Early Childhood Program are not eligible for tuition assistance. When adding dependents, for any child enrolled in our ECP, select "not attending school" for "School Status." You will be able to add child care costs later in the application. 
    • For a dependent college student, select "Attending another private school" with a Grade of 13. You will be able to enter estimated tuition and college name.
  5. As you enter information for your student(s), use the school's code of 14811.
  6. Note: The tuition you will see as part of the application process will be for the current school year until next year's tuition is announced. 
  7. There is a $35 fee to process the application. After submitting your application, FAM will detail any supporting documentation you need to upload. 

Once completed, the application will be immediately available to the Tuition Assistance Committee. The Academy’s Tuition Assistance Committee will notify families of the committee’s decision. Details on enrollment contracts and deposit deadlines will also be included.

Each year, families must reapply for tuition assistance. Awards are made on a first-come basis; early application is encouraged. Please see important dates below.

Important Dates for Tuition Assistance

January 1

Application window opens for upcoming school year.

February 28*

Tuition assistance applications due.

April 15

2021 Federal Income Tax Return due to Smart Aid.

*Applications received after February 28 will be awarded as funds permit.

Outside Sources for Tuition Assistance & Scholarships