Scholarships & Awards

The Academy of the Sacred Heart provides a number of scholarships and awards to talented applicants who demonstrate excellence and commitment to the values of the Goals and Criteria of Sacred Heart education. There is one form for applicants to complete for consideration of all scholarships.

Barat Scholarship

Girls, Grades 5-11 and Boys, Grades 5-8
$5,000 per year

Barat Scholars are distinctive in their exemplary commitment to academic ingenuity and promise. Barat Scholars distinguish themselves with service to others, consistent and active participation in group activities, demonstration of faith in action, and evidence of responsible citizenship.


Knight Scholarship

Boys entering Grades 5-8
$4,000 per year

This scholarship is awarded to new students who excel academically while displaying evidence of original and critical thinking. These young men are able to communicate with adults and peers, and make the commitment to be leaders in the school community in both word and action.


Young Scholars Program

Boys and Girls entering Pre-K - Grade 4
$3,500 per year

The Young Scholars Program Scholarship is awarded to new students, boys or girls, in Pre-K through Grade 4, who exhibit curiosity for learning, perseverance, independence and interpersonal skills. These qualifications will be assessed by the administrator and faculty using observations during the applicant's visiting day and performance on an age-appropriate assessment tool.


Gazelle Scholarship

Girls entering Grades 5-11
$4,000 per year

The Gazelle Scholars Award is given to a new student who exhibits leadership potential, strong character, and a commitment to excellence inside and outside the classroom. Candidates must exhibit the qualities of strong Christian values, intellectual and academic pursuits, awareness of the needs of others, inclusion of others in work and play, and an understanding of her strengths and limitations.


Awards Available to Current Students

The Academy of the Sacred Heart also offers several merit-based awards outside the scope of the scholarship application process. Please contact your learning community leader for additional information.

Duchesne Merit Scholars

Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne, RSCJ was the first Religious of the Sacred Heart to come to America. She came from France to New Orleans and traveled up the Mississippi River to found the first school in America in St. Charles, Missouri. Her pioneering spirit provides an apt model for all of our students. This $5,500 merit scholarship is awarded to returning students in Grade 9 who excel academically and show excellence in all areas of academic and non-academic performance. Criteria includes a 93% composite score or higher on Stanford Achievement Testing.

Janet Erskine Stuart Scholarship Awards

Janet Erskine Stuart Scholarships are awarded based on academic achievements, including grades and test scores, as well as strong teacher recommendations. The award is named for the first English Superior General of the Society of the Sacred Heart, a recognized authority in the field of education and an author of books dealing with curriculum.

This $4,500 scholarship is given to a student who will be attending Kensington Hall or the Middle School for Girls in recognition of his/her academic achievement and his/her commitment to the Goals and Criteria of a Sacred Heart education.


McGregor Awards

McGregor Awards provide tuition assistance for academically qualified students in the Middle School for Girls, Kensington Hall and the Upper School. Applicants follow established Academy admissions and tuition assistance procedures.