Referral Discount

Student and grandparent working together.

Our current families and alumnae/i are our best ambassadors. We want to honor those who help in encouraging new families whose values, commitment and priorities are consistent with the Goals and Criteria. When you refer a new family to ASH who applies, is accepted and enrolls full-time at ASH, we will take $2,000 off the tuition of one child in your family. You may receive as many referral discounts as qualify.

Elements of the Program

  • Prospective family must identify referring family and the ASH family must identify referral using the Referral Form.
  • To qualify for this bonus, the prospective student must qualify for admission, apply and enroll full-time.
  • Each new family may provide one referral bonus for one ASH family.
  • Referral discount is for one (1) year only and cannot be repeated the following year.

To be eligible for a $2,000 Referral Discount, a current family must:

  • Have a previous relationship with the prospective family prior to first contact with ASH.
  • Be listed by prospective family as the “referral” on the applicant's application.
  • Have completed the online Referral Form prior to the completion of the admissions application by the prospective family.
  • Have a currently enrolled, full-time student at ASH.

Restrictions and Qualifications

  • One (1) referral discount per new family
  • Referral discount may be divided between two referring families
  • Prospective student must be eligible for enrollment, be accepted, enroll and attend full-time at ASH.
  • Does not apply to a new student of a family who has other siblings currently or previously enrolled
  • Subject to approval by the Head of School

If a family chooses to designate this offering for use in one of the operating charitable funds at the Academy of the Sacred Heart, this gift opportunity will be available on the same billing statement. Please contact the Finance Office at 248-646-8900 with any questions.