The ASH Difference

Various student photos

At Sacred Heart, we encourage students to explore their world, grow into themselves, and make an impact on their community. 

Our intentional class sizes allow students to make meaningful choices along their educational journey, as well as guide their own path toward becoming thoughtful, empathetic citizens of the world. 

United by faith, hope and love, Sacred Heart students form deep connections that will last a lifetime.

As Michigan's earliest independent school still in operation, the Academy of the Sacred Heart provides a Catholic, college-preparatory education for children of all faiths. We educate girls (infant through Grade 12) and boys (infant through Grade 8) in keeping with the Goals & Criteria of a Sacred Heart Education.

Our learning community in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, is part of the Network of Sacred Heart Schools across North America and is affiliated with the Society of the Sacred Heart in 41 countries around the world.

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