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Ms. Melissa Abood

Lower School

Mrs. Michele Allison

Middle School for Girls

Mrs. Emily Avendt

Lower School Director, Director of Learning Support
Lower School, All-School

Mr. Christopher Bagley

Primary School

Mr. John Bagley

Kensington Hall, Middle School for Girls

Mrs. Kelita Bak

Chief Advancement Officer
Advancement Office

Ms. Amy Banna

Infant Lead
Early Childhood Program

Mr. Andrew Baran

Upper School

Mrs. Anne Bondra

Learning Support

Ms. Charity Callas

Kensington Hall, Middle School for Girls

Mr. Evan Christopher

Staff Accountant
Finance Office

Mrs. Robin Clements

School Nurse
Nurse's Office

Ms. Katie Colman

Network and Technology Support Specialist

Ms. Paige Comito

Athletic Director
Field House

Mrs. Kimberly Davidson

Kensington Hall Director
Kensington Hall

Mrs. Michelle Davis-Barteld

Lower School, Upper School, Middle School for Girls, Primary School

Mrs. Catherine Dawson

Primary School

Mr. Paul Dwyer

Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Katherine Feeny

Lower School, Kensington Hall, Primary School

Mrs. Melissa Grace

Primary School

Mrs. Rosanne Hacker

Enrollment Management Director
Admissions Office, Advancement Office
1 2 3 4 > showing 1 - 21 of 73 constituents