Technology at ASH —

Empowered Learners

We take pride in a rich history of educational technology at the Academy of the Sacred Heart with a focus on developmentally appropriate tools that empower our students. Starting with our Primary students, we thoughtfully introduce technology use without losing sight of the need to develop critical social and collaborative skills. The utilization of iPads and laptops with touch capabilities helps us reach established student goals at this age level.

Lower School students have access to a collaborative computing space as well as carts of Chromebook computers for each grade level allowing a near one-to-one environment. Our middle school students are afforded a gentle transition to a true one-to-one setting with the issuing of Chromebooks with take home use for students in Grades 5 and 6. Then, in Grades 7 and 8, students have the greater responsibility of more powerful convertible laptop/tablet computers which families purchase.

Our Upper School students are in a well-established one-to-one program utilizing our most powerful convertible laptop/tablet computers. These tools impact all 11 department areas and, as with the other learning communities, the goal is not to use the technology in every class period of every day. But instead, educators determine when and where the technology is most beneficially used.

Three unique aspects of our one-to-one program:

  • It focuses on consistency in the classroom with little downtime for students.
  • All student computer questions and repairs are handled by our onsite IT Staff.
  • Faculty commit themselves to a minimum of 48 of professional development when first issued a computer with most faculty members completing many more hours.