ASH Facts

Distinctive and Diverse

  • Approximately 400 students attend the Academy; girls are educated in the Early Childhood Program through Grade 12 and boys in the Early Childhood Program through Grade 8.
  • The low student-to-teacher ratio averages 12:1.
  • Our families represent 40+ local communities.
  • The Academy is committed to cultural and religious diversity. The student body represents four continents, and some seven languages are spoken. Approximately 25% of students are non-Catholic.
All-School photo within the Sacred Heart Chapel.

Independent yet Connected

Network of Sacred Heart Schools

Ready for College; Ready for Life

  • One hundred percent of ASH graduates attend college, and more than 98% of graduating seniors are accepted at their first college or university of choice.
  • ASH students engage in 200+ hours of community service weekly. The Community Service Program serves the educational, nutritional and social needs of children and adults in our neighboring communities.
  • All Upper School students at the Academy participate in a unique program called Project Term. The program provides an opportunity for students to explore and learn in a focused unit of study as part of the total curriculum. Recent projects included trips to the Amazon, Nicaragua, and England.
Seniors 2018

The Class of 2018 scored six points above the national average on the ACT and was awarded $6.25+ Million in college scholarship offers.

Progressive Education, Steeped in Tradition

  • The school's Catholic chapel provides a setting for student reflection, all-school liturgies and prayer services. Elegant and inviting, the Chapel is also a unique wedding venue.
  • The 28-acre campus allows for outdoor and indoor hands-on learning as well as a contemplative education.
  • ASH empowers students through developmentally appropriate technology; technology is integrated at all levels and within all disciplines beginning with Primary School.
  • ASH has a rich tradition of excellence in sports, enjoying 19 state championship titles, five all-American athletes and 13 "Coach of the Year" honorees. Sports include: lacrosse, field hockey, golf, tennis, volleyball, basketball, skiing, figure skating, equestrian and soccer. The no-cut policy encourages every student a chance to play a sport.
  • The campus includes a state-of-the-sport, 31,000 square foot Field House. The multi-sport facility complements sports fields and landscaping that are both ecologically and environmentally friendly.