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Eleanor Jones
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Web Sites for Mrs. Jones

Action Bioscience:  Bringing Biology to Informed Decision Making   Use for All Classes

Genetics and Molecular Biology 

HHMI Biointeractive:         
Click and Learn
Virtual Labs
Classroom Activities

HHMI (home)
Cool Science for Educators

Bioactivities Information Bank

Teach Genetics

Case Study on Genome Privacy





Problem Based Cases:
Cases On-Line--High School
Cases On-Line College

Stem Cells Resources:
NJABT Resources for Stem Cells
Ken Miller:  Stem Cells   
NWARB Stem Cell and Ethics Info
NWARB NWARB Stem Cells Curriculum
NWARB Ethics Primer
GSCL:  Stem Cells in the Spotlight
Whitehead Institute
Stem Cell Research News

University of Michigan Animated Tutorial
NOVA:  The Cloning Process

Dolan DNA Learning Center:
DNA Interactive
my DNAi
DNA From the Beginning
Dynamic Gene
Your Gene Your Health
DNAi Teacher Guide
Lab Center at DNALC


NHGRI (home):
NHGRI Genetic Discrimination Fact Sheet
NIH Roadmap:  Epigenomics
NOVA:  Epigenetics
Biotechnology Institute:
Your World Our World
Ken Miller's Gateway to the Human Genome
Ken Miller: Teaching Controversy
Molecular Literacy

Understanding Genetics from the Tech

MI Radio:  DNA December

GenEdNet:  DNA Day Essay Contest

MEL (MI eLibrary) Biology

Genetics Education Center at Univ of Kansas Medical Center:  Resources



Judgement Day:  Intelligent Design on Trial

NOVA:  Origins of Bipdelism:

A Family that Walks on All Fours

A Family that Walks on All Fours Interactive
PBS:  Evolution:

A Tree Full of Ancestors

Archeology Information (home):

Human Ancestry
Human Ancestry:  Fossils
Human Ancestry:  Hominidae:  Species Overview

Human Origins at the Smithsonian:

Hall of Human Ancestors
Early Human Ancestors Phylogeny Tree

Human Evolution:  Interpreting Evidence
(Museum of Science):

Family Trees

Johanson's Becoming Human

Ken MillerEvolution


Teaching Evolution and the Nature of Science

MEL (MI eLibrary) Genetics

Understanding Evolution (UC-Berkley):

What is Evolution and How Does It Work?
What is the Evidence for Evolution?
What is the History of Evolution Theory?

Inquiry                             NSTA WebNews Digest
Institute for Inquiry

Really Cool Picture of Mitosis